Dear guest, the behaviors to be observed in the tourist lease are not only those established by law but above all those dictated by common sense and mutual respect. We kindly ask you to respect the following simple rules.

Our "tourist rental" is located in an area where silence and rest are guaranteed!
We therefore ask you to observe the silence from 22.30 to 8.00 and from 14.00 to 16.00 maintaining a behavior that in no way damages the tranquility of the other guests.

Check-in (no exceptions are made)

  • At check-in guests' documents and a credit card will be requested for each apartment rented to guarantee the stay or any damage caused to the structure.
  • We do not accept rechargeable cards as a guarantee.

Inside the apartments is absolutely forbidden smoking.
The observance of this simple rule stems from the need to protect those who do not smoke or those who come after you, as well as the rule for fire prevention.

The swimming pool
The swimming pool is for private and exclusive use by guests of the tourist location. No strangers can enter the pool as it is allowed to be used exclusively by hotel guests.

WARNING: prhyme to access the private pool you have to fill in the information model and accountability

Access to the swimming pool is allowed with a swimming cap from 9.00 to 19.00. If you do not have a swimming cap, you can buy them from us.
Children under the age of 14 must always be accompanied by an adult without any exception. The adult who enters the private pool assumes full legal responsibility of the accompanied child.

  • It is absolutely forbidden to behave in conflict with hygiene standards.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to run on the bathtub surface and push the other bathers into the water.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to play dangerous games or exercises outside or inside the private pool.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to introduce glass or metal containers and / or objects or other objects not explicitly allowed by the property.
  • Peeing in the pool is forbidden.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to have access to poolside or in the pool to people who have skin diseases, infectious diseases, fungal infections, exposed wounds or bandages.
  • All pool equipment must be used with care and any damage caused will be charged to the user of the facility.
  • Any damage to the structure must be compensated.

Please note that this pool does not have a lifeguard as it is private.
It is absolutely forbidden to throw papers, cigarette butts or anything else in the water or in the garden.

Private outdoor parking
For each apartment is allowed the parking of a car in the private outdoor parking. The car must never hinder other cars parked in common areas. The property does not guarantee theft of objects or things left unattended.

Other consumption
When you are out of the apartment take care to never leave lit the lights . Disconnect power the TV and the other electronic devices; the running water must remain closed; in winter the windows are closed if the heating is on. The property reserves the right to charge the additional cost of consumption due to failure to observe this rule.

Other limitations
It is forbidden to use inside the structure warmers, electric heaters, gas stoves and the like since these devices can cause damage to the structure, people and things. It is absolutely forbidden to prepare and eat meals inside the room.

Possible damages
If the guest causes damage to the structure, to the accessories of the members, to the rooms assigned to him or of other kind, he must immediately inform the owner that, after the necessary checks, he has the right to charge the amount of damage suffered on the credit card left as guarantee during the booking for the rental.

In this community the rubbish subdivision is in use. The structure provides garbage collection containers for guests. Please divide it to avoid being charged for failure to comply with this rule.

We recommend a correct and civil use of the toilets, avoiding to throw anything in the WC. It is mandatory to use special hygienic baskets for tampax and diapers.
If the guest does not comply with this regulation in its entirety, the property reserves the right to interrupt your stay in the structure, according to the applicable contract law governing the tourist rental.

Sure of your cooperation, we thank you for having chosen our structure and we wish you a peaceful and happy stay.

Special requests
Special requests from guests involve an additional cost to the requested service